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My music practice has translated into an interest in urban soundscape design, a direct result of the directions my PhD research led me. Moving into public soundscape composition has been an appropriate evolution for hiddensounds, which has always been interested in uncovering and foregrounding sounds hidden from immediate perception. I consider all soundscapes to be of equal value. The difference being that natural soundscapes require no action other than to listen deeply. Urban soundscapes on the other hand contain the raw sonic materials for actualising rich and diverse experiences.

As live performance, hiddensounds uses foot pedals to control textures, with bass, samplers and vocalisations weaving in other treatments. This segues nicely into the act of creating urban soundscape compositions from field recordings. On my installations page, field recordings of installations and live performance can be heard. The cross-overs are clear.

I've had some media exploring this concept including a program on Acoustic Architecture on Radio National's Into the Music, and a past article in the Age Newspaper. I keep a blog in which I post some of my philosophical and political musings. As an experiement, a few year's ago, I spent 6 months adding daily short stories to twitter. I'm in the process of writing a book for Bloomsbury Publishing.